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Range: 100 Miles*

*The manufacturer’s estimated cruising range for the THINK City is 100 miles, based on measured range tests using the Society of Automotive Engineer’s Electric Vehicle Energy Consumption and Range Test Procedure (J1634). Actual range will vary. Some of the factors influencing range include driving conditions, speed, vehicle load, use of air conditioner or heater, tire inflation, acceleration and braking, and battery temperature (figure 1). Combined these factors can decrease driving range by as much as 50 percent. In fact, battery temperature alone can decrease range by 15 percent in extremely cold conditions.

Tips for Extended Range

  1. Use the Economy mode in stop-and-go city driving when energy is normally lost during braking
  2. Air resistance at 50 miles per hour and above decreases range. Driving on city streets instead of the highway will help preserve range.
  3. Keep tires properly inflated. Low tire pressure reduces range.
  4. Avoid unnecessary loads. Weight reduces range.
  5. Slow down in wet conditions. Wet and muddy roads increase rolling resistance and decreases range.
  6. Lower the heater or AC when cabin reaches a comfortable temperature and recirculate air to maximize efficiency. Using the heater or air conditioning continuously at the highest setting can reduce range by as much as 40 percent.

Typical Range Scenarios

The chart below provides estimates for typical ranges in a variety of driving scenarios:


As an EV user, you can have a great influence on the actual range achieved. Smooth acceleration and minimized use of accessory loads, such as the heater, will greatly increase your range between battery charges. As an example, driving at a constant speed, which puts a stable load on the battery, is much more efficient compared to driving with hard acceleration and braking.