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Leader in Safety

To become the first electric vehicle ever to achieve full safety certification in Europe, THINK City has been put through extensive testing and validation, including hundreds of computer simulations, over 50 sled tests and more than 20 full-vehicle crash tests. Comprehensive electrical testing and validation have also been conducted over extended periods, including deep-water wading and total submergence in salt water with all electrical systems activated.

The key to a safe car is a structure that ensures good crash performance. The backbone of the THINK City is a strong lower frame made of high tensile steel. This frame carries all the suspension and crash loads and is designed with a stiff passenger compartment and deformable zones in the front and rear.

For maximum cockpit robustness, an extended aluminium space frame is mounted to the lower frame, with the thermoplastic body panels and all other components attached to it.

Internally, THINK City boasts dual airbags with a state-of-the-art seatbelt system. High-density expanded polypropylene materials are used for the dashboard, knee bolster, door panel trims as well as inlays for head protection in the headlining and the pillar trims to provide maximum passenger safety in the event of a collision.

The door panel’s energy-absorbing foam includes a pusher block function, where occupants are pushed out of a possible crash zone. Lower pillar trim is specially designed to protect lower ribs in event of a side impact.