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Sustainability – Our Singular Focus for 20 years

Environmental sustainability has been at the heart of the development of THINK City.  It not only produces absolutely zero emissions while driving, but the car itself is designed to be environmentally friendly, with carefully chosen recyclable exterior and interior materials.

  • For the last 20 years, engineers, developers, buyers and designers have focused on the same thing: clean recyclable materials, non-polluting production processes, and the best possible use of materials.
  • Powered by an advanced Lithium-ion battery and electric motor, THINK City is four times more energy efficient than a conventional vehicle and creates fewer greenhouse gas emissions in any operating scenario.
  • Panels and interior trim components are made of 100 percent recyclable plastic parts.
  • Interior fabric, body, supports, air ducts, adhesives and fixings are designed using the same recyclable materials.
  • The plastic bodywork and other plastic panels are unpainted, reducing energy consumption and toxins, while also making the panels easier to recycle.